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Adaptor Plate E2 w. set-off

Item #: 4R153=1
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The 4R153 adapter plate or 4R153=1 adapter plate with offset are installed between the prosthetic socket and the distal components of the modular prosthesis. They are mounted together with the socket adapter. The adapter plate features two connectors for generating a vacuum in the prosthetic
socket and one connector for connecting to a vacuum pump. A PE sinter filter protects the vacuum pump from contamination. Additionally, the adapter plate is equipped with a check valve, which retains the vacuum generated in the prosthetic socket.

The adapter plate with offset can be used when a greater lateral clearance to the prosthetic knee joint or prosthetic foot is required.


Build Height 22 mm


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4R153 Adapter Plate Harmony E2 - Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use

PDF Document | Published: Jun 2, 2020