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4in1 Controller LS

Item #: 9E369

Suggested HCPCS Coding: included in base code

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The 4in1 Controller LS is required for fitting an 8E51 Electric Hand 2000; the 9E369 is applicable for size 5 hands and the 9E370 utilized for fitting sizes 5 ½, 6 and 6 ½ hands.

The 4in1 Controller LS provides choice between digital, proportional and EVO (Electronic Voluntary Opening) control options.  Its compact design allows fitting of long residual limbs by maintaining a fitting length that matches the length of the sound arm.

  • Four different controls selected by color coded plugs
  • Required fitting with a 8E51 Electric Hand 2000; 9E369 fits size 5 hands; 9E370 fits size 5 ½, 6 and 6 ½
  • Utilize for very long residual limbs and wrist disarticulation patients

 Control options provided:

  • Digital “Open/Close” by two electrodes
  • DMC proportional control by two electrodes
  • DMC Low Input for children with low muscular voltage from ~20 µV
  • EVO proportional “opening” by one electrode with automatic “closing” function via the motor


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