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All Purpose Hook - VO

Item #: 10A12

Suggested HCPCS Coding: L6721

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All purpose stainless steel hook.

This cable control hook was developed for workmanship activities. Its special shape allows to carry out a number of various activities.

The Hook is in the shape of a ring with hook when in closed condition.

When used for work with a shovel, the branches are arranged so as to provide additional closing force under load.


Article number 10A11=* 10A60=* 10A18=* 10A12=*
Weight (g) 135 250 110 330
Total height (mm) 135 135 142 145
Opening width (mm) 69 69 68 81
Grip force (N) Pos. A 9 9 9 13
Grip force (N) Pos. B 38 38 45 13


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