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Adult Hook VO

Item #: 10A18

Suggested HCPCS Coding: L6706

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Standard hook, model 58. Aluminum alloy.

This cable control hook was developed for simple workmanship activities. A cross tappet is located on the inside of the fix branch and serves as girder and outer support.

The pair of springs can be used to select two levels of grip force. If the spring lever is set proximally, the grip force is lower. This setting is intended for ordinary everyday use and for grasping objects. It allows to use less energy while working. If the spring lever is set distally, the grip force is higher. This position is suited for holding an object in the hook.


Article number 10A11=* 10A60=* 10A18=* 10A12=*
Weight (g) 135 250 110 330
Total height (mm) 135 135 142 145
Opening width (mm) 69 69 68 81
Grip force (N) Pos. A 9 9 9 13
Grip force (N) Pos. B 38 38 45 13


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