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Unique, Effective Stumble Recovery


Life is full of surprises. For lower limb amputees who have an increased risk of falling, it is crucial that microprocessor-controlled knees provide reliable support when it's needed most. That's where Stumble Recovery technology comes in.

All Ottobock Microprocessor knees feature integrated Stumble Recovery Plus. Stumble Recovery is a feature where the knee joint automatically detects and responds to sudden movements or potential falls, helping prevent accidents and injuries.

Ottobock prosthetic legs combine the latest technological developments with decades of expertise to deliver a proven Stumble Recovery feature that can help reduce the risk of falling by up to 64%.


Regain confidence with fall prevention

The Kenevo knee joint’s unique Stumble Recovery can expand user's range of movement in their home, garden, or favorite coffee shop, step by step.

Kenevo Stumble Recovery

Level the playing field

Whether they're participating in sports with friends or walking their dog, the C-Leg 4’s electronic Stumble Recovery puts users on equal footing with those around them. This unique function is proven to make life safer and less complicated.

C-Leg Stumble Recovery

Tackle any terrain

Do you have an active patient who navigates varied terrain on a daily basis? No problem, thanks to the electronically controlled C-Leg knee joint’s unique Stumble Recovery.

Kenevo Stumble Recovery

Play harder than you have in ages, worry-free

Do your patients curb their enthusiasm when playing with their children and grandchildren because they’re afraid of falling with their prosthesis? Rely on the Genium X3 knee joint’s integrated Stumble Recovery and help them discover a new side. This unique function recognises the stumbling process and responds by immediately damping their knee, thereby preventing a fall.

X3 Stumble Recovery