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What Is Intuitive Stance?

Ottobock’s Intuitive Stance feature blocks the knee from bending or buckling while standing so users can distribute their weight evenly between both legs. This helps alleviate pressure on the sound side and helps them maintain a more stable, comfortable standing position.

Intuitive Stance makes it easier to tackle many daily activities:

  • Standing at the sink
  • Standing at the stove while cooking dinner
  • Standing on a ramp or incline
  • Standing in line at places like the grocery store, bus stop, or movie theater


How does it work?

Engaging Intuitive Stance is easy. Simply hold the knee in a slightly flexed position for a moment (less than a second). To deactivate, just extend the knee or take a step with your sound side.

This unique feature is only found in Ottobock microprocessor knees.


Deliberate Stance

When enhanced stability is needed, especially with higher amputation levels, the C-Leg 4, Genium and X3 microprocessor knees also have a Deliberate Stance function feature that can be programmed by the prosthetist. Deliberate Stance is initiated by slightly flexing the knee and holding the prosthesis still for a few moments. Deliberate stance is an alternative to intuitive stance which is faster to initiate, but may be inadvertently triggered by someone with less control over the prosthesis.

Knees Featuring Intuitive Stance