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ThermoLyn Soft

Item #: 616T53

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For fabricating flexible inner prosthetic sockets in lower limb prosthetics, high shrinkage if cooled down too quickly, clear, processing temperature 160°C/320°F in convection and infrared ovens 633D5 Double Sided Adhesive Tape can be used to fasten the flexible definitive inner socket within the container socket.

Length Width Thickness Color Article Number
400 mm 400 mm 8 mm clear 616T53=8
400 mm 400 mm 10 mm clear 616T53=10
400 mm 400 mm 12 mm clear 616T53=12
400 mm 400 mm 15 mm clear 616T53=15

616TX1 - ThermoLyn soft/suprasoft (EVA) Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet: (EN)

Published Date: March 6, 2015

ThermoLyn for flexible diagnosis and definitive sockets - Information for specialist dealers

Product Information: 646D733 (EN)

Published Date: September 1, 2014