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ThermoLyn Clear

Item #: 616T83

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The processing temperature for heating plates, convection and infrared ovens is 165 °C/329 °F. The transparency of the check socket made of ThermoLyn® clear facilitates precise verification of the fit and skin discolouration on the residual limb. By warming the socket, it is possible to reform the thermoplastic at, for example, pressure points. For working edges we recommend hot air or 634A80 SuperSkin cleaning agent.


Length Width Thickness Color Article Number
400 mm 400 mm 8 mm clear 616T83=8
400 mm 400 mm 10 mm clear 616T83=10
400 mm 400 mm 12 mm clear 616T83=12
400 mm 400 mm 15 mm clear 616T83=15
400 mm 400 mm 20 mm clear 616T83=20
1250 mm 1025 mm 3 mm clear 616T83=1250x1025x3
1250 mm 1025 mm 4 mm clear 616T83=1250x1025x4
1250 mm 1025 mm 6 mm clear 616T83=1250x1025x6


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Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet: (EN)

Publish date: Mar 16, 2015

PDF Document (616T_83T_en-US.pdf | 160 KB)

616T_83T - Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet: (FR)

Publish date: Mar 22, 2018

PDF Document (616T_83T_fr-CA.pdf | 163 KB)