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ThermoLyn, rigid

Item #: 616T52
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The proven, classic material for fabricating check sockets.

  • Also available with antibacterial features (616T252)
  • Suitable for the fabrication of self-supporting TT, TF and HD check sockets (for temporary use)
  • Transparency of the check socket facilitates precise verification of the fit and skin discoloration on the residual limb
  • High stiffness
  • Good fracture resistance
  • High thermoplastic dimensional stability
  • High resistance to the formation of stress cracks
  • Extremely high impact strength
  • Can be over-laminated to secure adapters
  • Minor shrinkage
  • Temperature recommendation: 170°C / 338°F (convection oven, infrared oven)
  • For adjusting brims we recommend hot air or 634A1 thinner and solvent.


Reference number 616T52
For the fabrication of Check sockets (for temporary use)
Length 400 mm
Width 400 mm
Thickness 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm
Color Clear (colorless)


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616T52 - Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

PDF Document | Published: Mar 22, 2018