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Antibacterial ThermoLyn rigid

Item #: 616T252
Antibacterial ThermoLyn rigid
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+  Suitable for the fabrication of self-supporting TT, TF and HD check sockets (for temporary use)
+  The proven, classic material for fabricating check sockets!
+  Antibacterial effect
+  Transparency of the check socket facilitates precise verification of the fit and skin discolouration on the residual limb
+  High stiffness
+  Good fracture resistance
+  High thermoplastic dimensional stability
+  High resistance to the formation of stress cracks
+  Extremely high impact strength
+  Can be over-laminated to secure adapters
+  Low shrinkage
+  Temperature recommendation: 170 °C (338 °F) (convection oven, infrared oven)

To work edges we recommend hot air or 634A1 Thinner and Solvent.


Length Width Thickness Color Article Number
400 mm 400 mm 10 mm clear 616T252=10
400 mm 400 mm 12 mm clear 616T252=12
400 mm 400 mm 15 mm clear 616T252=15
600 mm 600 mm 12 mm clear 616T252=600x600x12
600 mm 600 mm 15 mm clear 616T252=600x600x15


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Materials Thermoplastics in orthopedic technology

Product Information

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