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Neoprene Adhesive TRX

Item #: 636W65=3.800

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  • For adhering, especially Neoprene® and many textiles
  • 634A67 suitable as a thinner
  • Base: polychloroprene
  • Fast acting adhesive
  • Sprayable when thinned
  • Net contents 3.8 kg


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Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet: TRX_636W65_en-US (EN)

Publish date: Mar 23, 2015

PDF Document (TRX_636W65_en-US.pdf | 311 KB)

Characteristics and Material Combinations of Adhesives, Putties, Varnishes and Thinners

Product Information: PosterAdhesives-Putties646F297-EN-01-2012 (EN)

Publish date: Feb 1, 2014

PDF Document (646F297-GB-04-1402w.pdf | 1021 KB)