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Thermolyn Trolen

Item #: 616T3

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  • Used as a forming and parting material
  • For orthotic components that require little stiffness but high flexibility
  • For fabricating flaps in socket technology
  • Individually cut to size, it can be used as a device for filling work
  • Reusable and easy to clean due to its smooth surface
  • Flexible polyethylene
  • Opaque
  • Good transparency
  • Low molecular weight
  • Good thermoplastic formability
  • High flexibility
  • Temperature recommendation: processing temperature 125°C/257°F (heating plate, convection oven, infrared oven)

Practical recommendation:
• Can also be used as a dummy material, e.g. with lamination technology.


Article number 616T3=1 616T3=2 616T3=2000x1000x2 616T3=2000x1000x3 616T3=40x32x2
Length 1,000 mm 1,000 mm 2,000 mm 2,000 mm 40 mm
Width 500 mm 500 mm 1,000 mm 1,000 mm 32 mm
Thickness 1 mm 2 mm 2 mm 3 mm 2 mm
Colour natural colour natural colour natural colour natural colour natural colour


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Materials Thermoplastics in orthopedic technology

Product Information: 646D300=GB (EN)

Publish date: Jan 1, 2014

PDF Document (646D300-GB-03-1401w.pdf | 3 MB)

Application and temperature recommendations for thermoplastics

Product Information: 646F265 (EN)

Publish date: Aug 1, 2014

PDF Document (646F265-GB-11-1408w.pdf | 555 KB)

Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet: (EN)

Publish date: Mar 16, 2015

PDF Document (616Txx_en-US.pdf | 160 KB)