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Impresil Case Set

Item #: 642V15=1
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Impresil is a 2-component Silicone that cross-links at room temperature. It is thixotropic so that even when applied to vertical planes at thicknesses of less than 5 mm, it will not drip. It hardens in about 6 minutes, which leaves enough processing time even when taking complex impressions. Impresil is processed at a room temperature of 23°C/73.4°F. The hardness of the vulcanised silicone is approx. 30° Shore A.

  • For producing flexible and clean impressions
  • Can be used for taking impressions and correcting trial fittings on the patient in many areas, including finger prostheses, partial hand prostheses, scar compression masks and gloves, partial foot prostheses, transfemoral and transtibial prostheses, liners as well as orthoses
  • Facilitates taking detailed impressions of the area to be cast
  • Clean processing regardless of environmental conditions
  • Does not stick to skin or hair, and is thus easy to demould
  • In contrast to plaster bandages, it leaves no residues on the skin
  • Can be reworked
  • Can be sanded
  • Saves time and material
  • Refillable
  • No irritating or allergenic components therefore suited for application on unbroken skin (no open wounds)

Consisting of
1 dispenser
5 cartridges, 75 ml each (component A and component B)
20 static mixers

    Practical recommendation:
  • To prevent the material from dripping, apply a maximum of 5 mm to vertical surfaces during each process step.
  • Cool storage can increase the processing time.


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