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Locksmith's Hammer

Item #: 705B2
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Ground on all sides, with shaft.

300 g and 500 g T-handled locksmith’s hammer with hammer head protection available on request (impact edges are electrically inducted and do not chip during work).


Hammer Weight Total Weight Article Number
100 g 0.150 kg 705B2=100
200 g 0.255 kg 705B2=200
300 g 0.380 kg 705B2=300
400 g 0.5 kg 705B2=400
500 g 0.6 kg 705B2=500
600 g 0.760 kg 705B2=600
800 g 0.980 kg 705B2=800
1000 g 1.2 kg 705B2=1000