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Ipso Cast

Item #: 743G15

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Ipso Cast is an innovative plaster modelling apparatus and technique for TT users. It makes plaster casting and processing faster and more efficient.
The apparatus and innovative technique make it possible to take a plaster cast under load: the user gets into a biaxial woven stockinette and pushes the residual limb down. Thanks to its special structure, the woven stockinette – during plaster casting – simulates the pressure conditions that later occur in the prosthetic socket.

The technician also gains added modelling possibilities. For example, pressure can be increased in specific locations during the plaster casting. This establishes optimal conditions for a successful plaster model, without elaborate post-processing, and eventually leads to a perfect fitting prosthetic socket.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Time required for plaster modelling of a TT prosthetic socket is reduced
  • Higher quality due to simulation of the pressure conditions in the subsequent prosthetic socket
  • Allows for direct intervention during plaster casting


Article Number 743G15
To be used for Taking plaster negatives under load for the fabrication of a TT socket
for for attachment to 743A11 Ottobock casting frame
Weight 12.6 lbs
Scope of delivery 1x adapter for connection to 743A11 Ottobock plaster device,
3x retaining ring for casting tube (110mm, 140mm, 180mm),
1x 743Y760=90 casting tube (90mm),
1x 743Y760=110 casting tube (110mm),
1x 743Y760=140 casting tube (140mm)


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743G15 Ipso Cast Specification Sheet

Product Information: (EN)

Publish date: 

PDF Document (646D1308EN-02-1902.pdf | 198 KB)

743G15 Ipso Cast Instructions

Product Information: (EN/DE/FR/ES)

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PDF Document (616d1308Process-ipsocast.pdf | 393 KB)