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Hip-Cast Casting Apparatus

Item #: 743G5

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Special silicone casting form that is integrated into the support plate and rotatable, encompasses the ramus and forms the seat surface under weighted conditions; position for a modular hip joint is set with pressure blocks; the iliac crests are modelled precisely with the tension belts. To be used with 743A11 Ottobock casting frame for anatomically functionalplaster casting technology for fitting a hip disarticulation.

Dimensions WxDxH 17 7/8 x 13 1/4 x 27 1/2 inch

Weight 16,53 lbs

Colour Light grey (RAL 7035)


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743G5 Hip Casting Apparatus - Instructions for Use (Technician)

Instructions for Use: 647G423 (EN/DE/FR/ES/ZH)

Publish date: Jul 1, 2014

PDF Document (647G423-INT-05-1407w.pdf | 623 KB)