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L.A.S.A.R. Posture

Item #: 743L100=110

Expected Availability 12/9/19
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Supporting clinicians in achieving optimal prosthetic and orthotic alignment.

Alignment – the foundation of a well-functioning prosthetic or orthotic system. Taking the guesswork out of static alignments by utilizing a dynamic alignment tool with visual feedback is the first step in achieving the best possible functional outcome. Ottbock’s  L.A.S.A.R.* Posture generates a laser line to quickly and precisely determine the patient’s center of pressure. The laser line, normally invisible to the naked eye, is projected on the body being measured. By using the L.A.S.A.R. Posture it is possible to objectively examine the patient’s weight line and load line while the prosthetic or orthotic system is being applied to the patient. The display and control unit indicates weight and provides an objective tool to determine the distance between the center of pressure and knee axis.

The L.A.S.A.R. Posture consists of:

  • Force-sensing platform with integrated force measurement cells
  • Projection system with laser and line optics
  • Positioning system with electronic  step motor
  • Service and display control unit
  • Leveling plate

Fields of Application for the L.A.S.A.R. Posture:

  • Orthopedics (prosthetics, orthotics, diagnosis)
  • Physiotherapy
  • Rehabilitation

L.A.S.A.R. Posture can be used to quickly and accurately check alignment of the prosthesis as it is being applied to the patient.

Laser is rated to Laser Class 2 (under normal operating conditions, the Laser Class 1 (DIN 60825) threshold value is not exceeded).

Article Number 743L100=110 743L100=230
Measurements (folded) 550 x 700 x 150 mm 550 x 700 x 150 mm
Measurements (open) 550 x 1200 x 150 mm 550 x 1200 x 150 mm
Weight 9.5 kg 9.5 kg
V/Hz 110/60 230/50

L.A.S.A.R. Posture 743L100 - Instructions for Use (User / Technician)

Instructions for Use: 647H189 (EN/DE/IT/ES/NL/SV/PT/HU)

Published Date: July 1, 2014