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Item #: 3C60=*

Pyramid top or Threaded top

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Suggested HCPCS Coding: L5828 + L5845 +L5848 + L5856
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The Kenevo is the world’s first and only microprocessor knee designed specifically for users with mobility limitations who need a high level of stability. Its state-of-the-art technology supports users, allowing them to feel safer and more independent than ever before. With features such as supported sitting down and standing up, Stumble Recovery Plus, intuitive stance, and the wheelchair function, the Kenevo brings the security of an MPK to those who need it most.

Now, the new Kenevo has even more benefits for those who need a high level of stability, making everyday life even easier for its users. New features include:

•    Donning the prosthesis while seated, thanks to complete flexion of the knee joint
•    Automatic switching to lower knee flexion resistance for a stationary indoor bicycle
•    Redesigned inductive charging unit makes it easier for those with dexterity challenges
•    Convenient charging without having to remove the Kenevo foam cover
•    User-controlled adjustments to the knee through the Cockpit App
•    Approved for hip disarticulation with 7E7, 7E9, and 7E10

Scope of delivery:

•    3C60/3C60=ST Kenevo Microprocessor Knee
•    2R17 AXON Tube Adapter
•    757L16-4 AC Adapter
•    4E70-1 Inductive Charger

Important Safety Note: Entering a room or area with strong magnetic fields (e.g., MRI) can cause irreparable damage to microprocessor knees. Microprocessor knees should be removed before entering a room or area where strong magnetic fields exist.



Activity Level K2, low-K3*
Flexion angle 124 degrees
Proximal connection Pyramid or threaded top
Distal Connection Tube Clamp
Product Weight 2.02 lbs (3C60) - 2.03 lbs. (3C60=ST)
Proximal system height up to alignment reference point 23 mm
Maximum distal system height with 2R17 pylon 490 mm
Walking Speed ≤1.9 mph
Max. body weight 275 lbs / 125 kg
Material Carbon
Moisture protection IP22 (protected against dripping water)
Standard Warranty 3 years
Battery life Approximately 1 day
Color Desert pearl
Software updates Data Station
*disclaimer For patients who walk with speeds of up to 1.9 mph and up to ½ mile outside the house per day.