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1A1-1 Empower

Item #: 1A1-1

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The Empower is an innovation in the field of prosthetic feet. It is equipped with an active ankle joint, making it the only prosthetic foot with powered propulsion.

Only the Empower continues to offer the combination of power, control, and stability:

  • Emulates the function and power of lost muscles and tendons 1,2
  • Provides energy instead of taking it away – even up ramps, hills and stairs 1,6
  • Life-like ankle movement that normalizes userʼs walking gait 4
  • Reduces joint forces which may result in less pain and fewer long-term orthopedic problems 1,2,5,6
  • Adjusts ankle power, resistance, and flexion in real time
  • Provides balance on variable terrain 3


Scope of delivery:
(1) 1A1-1 Empower Foot
(1) 2C14 Footshell
(1) SL=SPECTRA-SOCK Spectra Sock
(2) 757B38 Battery
(1) 757L38 Dual Bay Charger

* A trial must be completed prior to order, contact your local sales rep to schedule a trial.


Utilizing tablet-based software, you can customize the Empower Ankle for each individual user. The software and the tablet are delivered together with the first order.


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6. Esposito E., et al. (2015): Step-to-step transition work during level and inclined walking using passive and powered ankle-foot prostheses, Prosthet Orthot Int.

Activity Level K3
Maximum Body Weight 287 lbs (130 kg)
Sizes 25 cm - 30 cm
Product Weight (w/o footshell) 4.25 lbs (1928 g)
Product Weight (with footshell) 4.75 lbs (2200 g)
~ Min. Clearance Height (Size 28 cm) 222 mm (8 3/4")

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Published Date: February 28, 2020

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