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Unilateral Knee Joint, Titan

Item #: 17LK3=L16-T
Titanium system knee joint with wedge lock

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Suggested HCPCS Coding: If configured with Knee Lever Lock: Base code (L2036/L2037) + L2492 (lift loop, 4F18 ordered in addition) + L2200/L2210/L2220 for ankle joint(s)
If configured with Cable Control Lock: Base Code (L2036 or L2037) + L2415 + L2200/L2210/L2220 for ankle joint(s)
If configured as Free Motion: Base Code (L2036 or L2037) + L2200/L2210/L2220 for ankle joints(s)
If Applicable: L2250
Double upright: add L2385 if >300 #
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The lightweight construction of the 17LK3 Unilateral Knee Joint makes it particularly attractive. This system knee joint with a wedge lock comes with a temporary switch for releasing the joint for activities such as training on a therapeutic bike. 

Partial or total paralysis of the leg muscles. Indication must be determined by a physician.

About the Unilateral Joint System
With the Ottobock Unilateral Joint System, you can experience all the benefits of a unilateral system combined with the confidence of selecting the appropriate weight classification. The unique unilateral design means that you can stock less inventory while still accommodating a wide range of patients. Plus, you avoid the worry of a medial joint and have the option to accommodate a weight or functional need by using the joints in tandem. You’ll find that the system’s modular knee and ankle joints make it easy to update as your patient’s needs change. The components come in a range of sizes designed to target your patient’s needs – accommodating up to 220 lbs / 99 kgs in a single upright configuration and 350 lbs / 159 kgs in a double upright KAFO. In addition, the joints work with a MTP to floor measurement of up to 55 cms. 
  • Modular, multifunctional joint system
  • Lightweight construction
  • Available in four system sizes for both adult and pediatric fittings
  • Can be used for prepreg and lamination resin techniques
  • Weight classification for unilateral and bilateral use simplifies joint size selection
  • Can be used on medial side of knee, lateral side, or both
  • Temporary switch releases the joint for training on a therapeutic bike

Side Left
System Width 16 mm (0.629 in)
Maximum Unilateral Body Weight 85 kg (187.393 lbs)
Maximum Bilateral Body Weight 120 kg (264.555 lbs)
Material Titanium
Quantity Piece

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Published Date: February 24, 2020

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