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Syst.Knee Joint with Lamination Set

Item #: 17B97
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The 17B97 Component Set includes components designed to facilitate the fabrication of fiber composite lower extremity orthoses. The System Knee Joints with covered lock and short lock bale have been specially designed for cable pull release.
Please observe 647H160 Instructions for Use!

Available in four versions:

  • 17B97=L16
  • 17B97=L20
  • 17B97=R16
  • 17B97=R20

Scope of Delivery
(1) System Knee Joints with Short Lock Bale, stainless steel, 17B23=
(2) 17Y103 Lamination Aid, 2 pieces for 17B23, 17B45, 17B92, 17B33, 17B91
(3) 17Y128=16x80 System Lamination Bar, 4 x 80 mm, 4 pieces or 17Y128=20x80 System Lamination Bar, 4 x 80 mm, 4 pieces
(4) 21A18=3 Perlon Cable (guide aid) Ø 3 x 500 mm, 1 piece
(5) 21A18=2 Perlon Cable, Ø 2 x 800 mm, 2 pieces
(6) 21A12 Thread Sleeve, 2 pieces
(7) 21A7 Coupling Piece
(8) 21A25 Spring
(9) 17Y106=1000x16, 17Y106=500x16 PVC Profile Material, 1.50 m or 17Y106= 1000x20, 17Y106=500x20 PVC Profile Material, 1.50 m
(10) 504H1=7 Double Speed Rivet, 6 pieces
(11) 636W28 Otto Bock Special Adhesive