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Plastic Polycentric Knee Joints - White

Item #: 7U56=W
Polycentric knee joint bars with gear drive


Joints have interchangeable stops (ranges listed below) to limit extension as well as flexion concave half-round bar profile. Thermoplastic joint bars have a forming temperature of 150°C/302°F.

Practical recommendation:
To align the orthosis knee joints with the compromise pivot point according to Nietert, the 743Y56=1 size 1 adjustment adapter is aligned with the compromise pivot point. Therefore the compromise pivot point of the polycentric gear drive joints is centred between the two joint screws.


Upper Length from Joint Center 270 mm (10.629 in)
Lower Length from Joint Center 270 mm (10.629 in)
Pivot Point Distance 16 mm (0.629 in)
Bar Width 25 mm (0.984 in)
Bar Thickness 5.5 mm (0.216 in)
Color White
Material Thermoplastic
Quantity Pair


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Processing instructions for 7U56, 17K48 Double Joint Knee Guide Bars made of synthetic material

Product Information: 647G65 (EN/DE/FR/IT/ES/PT/NL/SV/DA/NO/PL/HU/HR/TR/RU/EL/JA)

Publish date: Sep 1, 2012

PDF Document (647G65-INT-01-1209w.pdf | 1 MB)