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C-Brace is the world’s first mechatronic stance and swing phase control orthosis (SSCO®) system, which controls both the stance and swing phase hydraulically with microprocessor sensor technology. The functionality of conventional paralysis orthoses is limited to releasing and locking the knee joint. However, the C-Brace supports the user during the entire gait cycle and adapts to everyday situations in real-time.


Every C-Brace is custom made and designed for a patient's specific anatomy and indication. Because of this, there are multiple steps when evaluating and fitting a potential candidate. Qualification and training is required to ensure a smooth process and satisfied end-user.

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C-Brace compared to a no treatment

C-Brace compared to a locked KAFO

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Melvin's Life with the C-Brace

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Hannah's Experiences with the C-Brace

Melvin's Experiences with the C-Brace

Wolfgang's Experiences with the C-Brace

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