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Custom Carbon AFO

Ottobock's expertise in custom orthotic fabrication and carbon composites come together to produce an inspiring custom AFO. Crafted from carbon prepreg, this lightweight and low-profile AFO provides a solution for individuals with plantarflexion weakness and those needing triplanar support for the foot and ankle. The design stores and returns energy for propulsion while providing function of the soleus muscle and third rocker mechanics (heel-off). This CCAFO is custom-made to match your patient’s specific height, weight and activity level.


  • Lightweight, low-profile design for greater acceptance
  • Energy dynamics of carbon prepreg for improved gait and energy return
  • Custom design for greater stability and the ability to control deformities
  • Ottobock experience and expertise in carbon composites




CCAFO Fitting


CCAFO Two-Stage Casting Technique

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The AFO standard default build includes prepreg exterior shell and supramalleolar molded inner boot. The inner boot is removable. A molded-to-patient model polyethylene soft interface is used at the calf shell to protect user from carbon edges. A custom molded-to-patient model, anterior tibial shell option is available when greater control for plantar flexor weakness is required.

The proximal strap will be made of Dacron® and attached laterally. A loop velcro instep strap will be supplied to secure the inner boot attached with self-stick hook. The prepreg frame will have a satin carbon finish.

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