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Item #: 50R300
Dynamic flexion brace
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Suggested HCPCS Coding: L0635 Custom Fit (for Medicare use L1499 for OTS)

PDAC Verified For L0635
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Features • Benefits
  • Dynamic construction • Support in every movement
  • Dynamic lateral springs • Reduction of muscle frequency
  • Open back and lightweight construction • Comfortable to wear under clothing, low formation of perspiration in the back area
  • Individually adjustable straps • Straightforward adjustment of spring force to individual needs
  • Height-adjustable and mouldable frame, removable back pads • Optimum fit for the patient
  • Lower frame can be exchanged • Can be adjusted to accommodate individual patient requirements
With pain syndromes of the lumbar spine caused by:
  • Lumbar spinal stenosis
  • Lumbar facet joint syndrome
  • Lumbar nerve root irritation (lower back pain)
  • Lumbar instability (spondylolisthesis, spondylolysis)
  • Lumbar spondylarthrosis
  • Intervertebral disc protrusion or prolapse in the lumbar spine region
  • General degenerative changes with reduced intervertebral disc height
  • Reduces tonicity of tense muscles in the lumbar spine region
  • Dynamically straightens the lumbar spine in movement
  • As a result of straightening, functional corrrection of the lumbar spine
  • Modulates and relieves (decompresses) the lumbar spine area by applying torque via dynamic springs
  • Can relieve pain and increase mobility


Size Medio-Lateral Measurement Medio-Lateral Measurement Item Number
XS ~27 cm (~10.6 in) ~30 cm (~11.8 in) 50R300=XS
S ~30 cm (~11.8 in) ~33 cm (~13.0 in) 50R300=S
M ~33 cm (~13.0 in) ~36 cm (~14.2 in) 50R300=M
L ~36 cm (~14.2 in) ~39 cm (~15.4 in) 50R300=L
XL ~39 cm (~15.4 in) ~42 cm (~16.5 in) 50R300=XL
XXL ~42 cm (~16.6 in) ~45 cm (~17.7 in) 50R300=XXL


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50R300 Dyneva - Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use

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Dyneva Practitioner Brochure

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