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Multifunctional Orthosis Lumbo Tristep

Item #: 50R30=S-H-7
Suggested HCPCS Coding: L0626 Custom Fit / L0641 OTS

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Features • Benefits

  • Staged lumbar spine bridging brace • Degrees of stabilisation can be adapted in three stages as therapy progresses
  • Bridging element in stage 1 • High stability, limits the patient's range of motion
  • Lamella design of the supporting element from stage 2 for optimum adaptation • High wearer comfort
  • Side elements with hook-and-loop fasteners • Can be adjusted to the individual anatomical situation
  • A pad can be integrated in stage 3 if required • Friction massage stimulates microcirculation


  • Stable vertebral body fractures of the lumbar spine without neurological deficits
  • Spondylodesis of the lumbar spine L1 – S1
  • Intervertebral disk surgery of the lumbar spine L1–S1
  • Facet joint syndrome of the lumbar spine
  • Lumbar spinal stenosis L3 – L5
  • Symptomatic stenosis of the lumbar intervertebral foramina
  • Instability of the lumbar spine
  • Spondylolysis of the lumbar spine
  • Spondylolisthesis of the lumbar spine
  • Intervertebral disk prolapse of the lumbar spine L1 – S1


  • Supports sensorimotor function and activates muscular stabilisation
  • Relieves and supports the lumbar spine
  • Promotes muscular coordination
  • Systematically increases the load in three stages
  • Improves blood flow
  • Promotes muscle activity
  • Can relieve pain


Size Pelvis Circumference Item #
S 25.6 - 31.5 in (65 - 80 cm) 50R30N=S-H-7
M 31.5 - 39.4 in (80 - 100 cm) 50R30N=M-H-7
L 39.4 - 49.2 in (100 - 125 cm) 50R30N=L-H-7


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PDF Document

50R30 Lumbo TriStep - Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use

PDF Document | Published: Sep 30, 2015