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Rehband Rehband: Enable your full potential

Rehband is a global brand with Scandinavian roots, founded in Stockholm in 1955. Decades of tradition, scientific research, and constant medical improvements are what makes Rehband such a distinctive brand for rehabilitation and injury prevention. The product range and the target group focus widened gradually over the years, and in 1994 the brand was acquired by Ottobock HealthCare GmbH, one of the world's leading companies within technical orthopedics.

Together with Ottobock, Rehband has developed a unique position in the market of soft orthoses, supports, and functional clothing. With an in-house product development team. A wide expertise in the field of sports medicine, and established global distribution, we have created a platform that few competitors can match. Our products are available in more than 30 markets worldwide and provide exceptional solutions to athletes at all levels.

Rehband has achieved a status as one of the most prominent players in the international market for sports protection and supports. As wholly owned subsidiary of Ottobock Healthcare,  products are exclusively distributed in the North American market by Ottobock customers in both retail and medical settings. Our product line has rich tradition of manufacturing medical products primarily being used in sports, but are also applicable to rehabilitation and prevention of injuries.

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RX and X-RX Lines

RX /recipe/ means “Prescription” in Latin.

In the RX line you will find products that are developed to prevent injuries and increase performance. Injury prevention is central to living an active life-style and should go hand-in-hand with exercise. Injury prevention includes wearing the right type of preventative gear suited for an activity, along with other measures – completing warm-up and warm-down sessions, stretching, and staggering of exercise frequency and dose, etc

Josh Bridges lifting weights
    RX Highlight
  • RX 5mm Elbow Sleeve
  • RX Original Knee Sleeve

The X-RX line includes products developed to prevent injuries, increase performance, and provide an extra level of support. X-RX products often have straps for individual adjustment. Similar to the RX product line, the X-RX products are focused on the prevention of injuries and increasing performance, but have a heightened level of stabilization. The functions of warmth, compression, and strengthened receptive input result in a wide range of benefits – coordination, improved balance, and increased blood circulation. The X-RX products give extra support which can help you max out your lifting potential or chosen fitness goal.

Knee Support
    X-RX Highlight
  • X-RX Knee Support
QD Line

QD /quaque die/ means “Every day” in Latin.

The QD line is comprised of lightweight products designed for everyday use, support, and preserving dexterity during movement. Rehband’ s universal line of products that offer the light support and stability for everyday use. Within this line you will find compression garments, insoles, breathable-knitted options, and support essentials that every type of active person can benefit from.

Woman stretching
    QD Highlight
  • QD Compression Tights
PRN Line

PRN /pro re nata/ means “As needed” in Latin.

The PRN line is where to find products with shock absorption capabilities to protect from impact, e.g. from hits and falls. The anatomically shaped PRN products stay in place during work-outs, offer protection for blows and falls, yet don’t compromise flexibility during movement. Regardless of the activity, an active person should feel and be safe during their work-out. These products help provide confidence one has protection from potential injuries when it’s time to focus on competing or preparing for a crucial moment in a game.

Allison Pineau playing handball
    PRN Highlight
  • PRN Original Elbow Pad
  • PRN Knee Pad
UD Line

UD /ut dictum/ means “As directed” in Latin.

A line with supporting features used to target specific discomforts and injuries. The UD products are designed to support you in case of existing injuries or discomforts, but also to prevent injuries and re-injuries. They help the user in getting back to an active life faster and provide confidence that a problematic area has added protection. Constructions contain functional characteristics designed to relieve pain and discomfort caused by injuries – meaning that a user can continue exercising in his or her sport.

Knee Support with patella opening
    UD Highlight
  • UD Knee Sleeve Patella Opening

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