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Knee Orthoses

Our osteoarthritis, post-operative, and ligament knee braces and supports offer pain relief for patients. The knee orthoses also increase functionality for users, post-injury or post-surgery, so they can return to their everyday, active lives.

21 Products found

Item #: 50K324=L-1-US

Knee osteoarthritis brace, left I need the right side

Item #: 50K324=R-1-US

Knee osteoarthritis brace, right I need the left side

Item #: 50K306

Knee osteoarthritis brace

Item #: 50K4-1
Knee Osteoarthritis Solution 

Item #: 50K205

Replaced by 50K326=2

Item #: 50K204

Replaced by 50K326=1

Item #: 50K4
Knee Osteoarthritis Solution

Item #: 50K30
Ligament Knee Brace

Item #: 8060=K
Knee Immobilizer

Item #: 8320N
Patella Subluxation Brace

Item #: 50K326=1

Universal telescoping ROM knee brace (Cool)

Item #: 50K326=2
Universal telescoping ROM knee brace (Foam)

Item #: 50K305

Knee osteoarthritis brace