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E-MAG Active (Version 3)

Item #:17B203=R

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Functional description
The E-MAG Active is an electronically controlled system knee joint with secured stance phase and free swing phase that works independently from the ankle joint and foot sole. An intelligent sensor system measures the leg position while walking and controls the orthosis joint accordingly. Since the joint is activated independently of the ankle and sole of the foot, patients can take advantage of the functionality offered by the orthosis joint even if they do not have use of their ankle.
The new PreLock function further improves safety. It is activated at just 15°, before the knee joint locks at full extension.

Delivery condition
The E-MAG Active joint system is supplied in a case with all necessary components. The case contains a complete customised system, including a charger, a battery and the dummies required to build them into the orthosis. The E-MAG Active is suitable for a body weight of up to 100 kg/220 lbs (with use of the 17B206 medial support). Unilateral use of the joint is possible up to 85 kg/187 lbs as long as there are no non-physiological deviations in the frontal and sagittal planes. Furthermore, the matching bars can be ordered as special accessories.

Scope of delivery
(1) Dummy for battery
(2) Dummy for electronics
(3) Dummy for battery receptacle
(4) Dummy for electronics receptacle
(5) Dummy for knee joint
(6) Receptacle for battery
(7) Lock unit for battery (317E20 connecting cable)
(8) Receptacle for electronic control unit with connecting cable
(9) 2x batteries
(10) Control electronics
(11) E-MAG Active knee joint
(12) AC adapter for battery charger
(13) Battery charger
Installation instructions (not illustrated)
Instructions for use (not illustrated)
Quick start guide (not illustrated)

Side Right
Flexion Angle
Maximum Body Weight without Medial Support <187 lbs (85 kg)
Maximum Body Weight with Medial Support <220 ibs (100 kg)

Therapeutic Application and Gait Training - Information for orthotists and therapists

Product Information: 646A214 (EN)

Published Date: May 1, 2016

17B203 E-MAG Active Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use: 647G1165 (EN/DE/FR/IT/ES/PT/NL/SV/DA/NO/FI/CS/SK/RU/ZH)

Published Date: January 29, 2016

NeuroOrthopaedics – the latest generation of stance control orthosis systems

Product Information: 646A333 (EN)

Published Date: February 1, 2016

17B203 E-MAG Active - Quickstart

Product Information: 646D1043 (EN/DE/NL/FR/ES/PT/IT/SV/PL/CS/HU/TR/DA/NO/EL/RU)

Published Date: February 1, 2016

17B203 E-MAG Active The next generation - Product Information

Product Information: 646D5181 (EN)

Published Date: October 1, 2015

17B203 E-MAG Active - Instructions for Use (user)

Instructions for Use: 647G1164 (EN/DE/FR/IT/ES/PT/NL/SV/DA/NO/FI/CS/SK/RU/ZH)

Published Date: January 29, 2016