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playing with child while wearing brace

Bracing & Supports

For 100+ years, Ottobock has been a global leader in developing high-quality medical devices to enable patients to regain mobility and independence.

Our Orthotics portfolio of Orthopedic Soft Goods are designed to improve functional outcomes for patients so they can resume their daily activities and active lifestyles with confidence. Our off-the-shelf bracing solutions in spine, knee, foot, and other applications provide stability for patients, whether that's post-injury, post-surgery, or for everyday support. Browse the categories at the left or explore our product categories below to learn more.

Download our latest Bracing & Supports Catalog 2021.

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332 Products found

Item #: 50R152N
Premium TLSO (T2-S1)

Item #: 50C74
Semi-Rigid Collar with Thoracic Extension

Item #: 50R153N
Premium LSO (T9-S1) with Lateral Control

Item #: 28P211
Basic Thumb Support

Item #: 28P212
Basic Wrist Support

Item #: 4058=K
Specialty Wrist Brace

Item #: 50S16
DISCONTINUED: Replaced by 50S3

Item #: 50K30
Ligament Knee Brace

Item #: 4085=K
Speciality Thumb Support

Item #: 7126=K
Shoulder Stabilizer

Item #: 5055=K
Shoulder Stabilizer

Item #: 4088=K
Specialty Wrist Support

Item #: 8060=K
Knee Immobilizer

Item #: 50S3
Lace-up Ankle Support
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  • 3(current)
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