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woman smiling with universal tlsox4

Spinal Orthoses

Ottobock spinal orthoses are designed to reduce pain and improve mobility so your patients can resume their daily activities and active lifestyles. As the originator of the patented Mechanical Advantage Pulley System, our design maximizes spinal stabilization and uniform abdominal compression, providing the most effective spinal orthoses on the market.

Our latest innovation in spine technology is our universally sized Cyberspine™ TLSOx4, a solution for single brace use through rehabilitation and recovery. Improve patient outcomes while reducing inventory and overall costs.

Whether your patients need support and pain relief after an injury or surgery, during rehabilitation, or for everyday support, Ottobock partners with you to offer complete spinal and cervical solutions.

Download our Spine Catalog 2020

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75 Products found

Item #: 50C74
Semi-Rigid Collar with Thoracic Extension

Item #: 50R153N
Premium LSO (T9-S1) with Lateral Control

Item #: 50C76
Semi-Rigid Collar

Item #: 50R51
Specialty LSO (L1 – S1)

Item #: 50R50
Specialty LSO (L1 – S1)

Item #: 50R52
Specialty LSO (T9 – S1)

Item #: 50R159N=U
Classic SO (L5 - S1)

Item #: 50R159N=SMALL
Classic SO (L5 - S1)

Item #: 50R159N=STANDARD
Classic SO (L5 - S1)

Item #: 50R154N
Specialty LSO (T9-S1)

Item #: 50R73N
Hyperextension Support

Item #: 50R215N
Premium LSO (T9-S1)
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