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Your fitness playbook

Help your patients tap into products designed to help them compete harder, restore lost function, and live the active lifestyle they hunger for. We don't just run...



man waterskiing at Lake Minnetonka while wearing ProCarve knee and foot

We surf.

Help your patients dive into our deep portfolio of waterproof components. Whether they want to wakeboard with the ProCarve, explore the ocean with the X3 microprocessor knee, or just need added security of waterproof orthotic components – Ottobock has a solution.

Our deep line of waterproof prosthetic options include the robust and rugged 3R80 rotary hydraulic knee, Triton LP and Triton HD feet along with numerous components and adapters with galvanized parts to resist even the toughest corrosion.

two men riding eMano handbikes outdoors

We rehabilitate the competitive spirit.

The road is calling; empower your patient to answer the call with Ottobock’s eMano handbike series. Three eMano versions include the manual aMano, eMano with an electric motor assist for tough climbs, and eMano with the electric motor and suspension.

Other ways to get into the game include the Invader – tailor made for wheelchair basketball and rugby – or the Arctic Flash – the ice hockey sledge designed for precise plays and explosive moves.

woman exercise dancing while wearing her DVS in a group class

We understand everyday living.

Products that solve some of life’s basic challenges can help your patients return to their favorite activities with peace of mind and a positive spirit. Solutions like DVS – Dynamic Vacuum improve suspension and provide a secure vacuum connection. Our diverse portfolio includes


woman hiking with her friend while wearing Agilium freestep

We help restore lost mobility.

Each patient faces unique challenges that require different degrees of support. Whether they need advanced technology following traumatic injury or products to help manage pain, you can count on Ottobock.

  • Advanced – with products like C-Brace, you can restore mobility to some of your most severely affected patients
  • Innovative – Agilium Freestep gives you an entirely new approach to relieve your patients’ knee pain due to osteoarthritis
  • Dynamic – the lightweight, durable WalkOn AFO is the go-to solution for foot drop. It features a low-profile design to keep your patients going

man running across terrain while wearing his 1E91 Runner foot

We accept the challenge

Help your most active patients push their performance further and finish faster. Whether they aspire to win medals or just want to test their limits, we can help them push their competitive spirit.

  • Knees – Powerful hydraulics and responsive action make the 3S80 knee the first choice for longer distances. The 3S80=1 is more fluid so sprinters can focus on breaking barriers.
  • Feet – Select from the proven 1E90 Sprinter, the 1E91 Runner, or the 1E93 Runner Junior for dynamic fitness options. Patients whose passions include more than running can hit the court with 1E95 Challenger’s dynamic start-and-stop performance.
  • Accessories and adapters – Select either all-terrain or track soles to complement your patients’ 1E90 or 1E91, and take advantage of fitting adapters like the 4R210 and 4R206 to help simplify fitting.

Looking for more information? Download the Ottobock Sports and Fitness brochure (PDF).