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Clinical Studies

Find lists of Clinical Studies related to Ottobock Products; including Clinical Research Summaries, Bibliographies, and links to Published Research.

Note: For comprehensive and up-to-date clinical studies, please also see the resources available on the Ottobock global Clincial Research website.

The truth about microprocessor knees

To help make the best clinical choice, a new study compares the differences between microprocessor knees. The present study found clear differences in the functional features of stance control as well as swing phase control among the four MPKs investigated.  Download (PDF | 555.5 KB)

The product/device “Supplier” (defined as an O&P practitioner, O&P patient care facility, or DME Supplier) assumes full responsibility for accurate billing of Ottobock products. It is the Supplier’s responsibility to determine medical necessity; ensure coverage criteria is met; and submit appropriate HCPCS codes, modifiers, and charges for services/products delivered. It is also recommended that Supplier’s contact insurance payer(s) for coding and coverage guidance prior to submitting claims. Ottobock Coding Suggestions and Reimbursement Guides are based on reasonable judgment and are not recommended to replace the Supplier’s judgment. These recommendations may be subject to revision based on additional information or alpha-numeric system changes.

C-Leg Microprocessor-Controlled Prosthetic Knees

Title / Description Downloads
Infographic: The C-Leg Difference  Download (PDF | 90.4 KB)
Summary of the study: "Designs and Performance of Microprocessor-Controlled Knee Joints"  Download (PDF | 555.5 KB)
See for yourself: C-Leg has been the subject of more peer-reviewed, published clinical studies than any other microprocessor knee in history. View the eye-opening comparison.  Download (PDF | 62.7 KB)
C-Leg®: Proven Safety, Energy Efficiency, and Cost Efficacy View a summary of a recent clinical research review, demonstrating the C-Leg’s advantages over other knees.  Download (PDF | 124.2 KB)
C-Leg and Compact Clinical Studies Bibliography: View a list of the most recent clinical studies for C-Leg and Compact  Download (PDF | 86.6 KB)

Genium / X3 Microprocessor-Controlled Prosthetic Knees

Immediate Effects of Genium compared to C-Leg® View a summary of a recent study comparing the immediate effects of the Genium to the C-Leg.  Download (PDF | 53.3 KB)
Genium / X3 Clinical Studies: View a complete list of clinical studies for Genium and X3  Download (PDF | 53.5 KB)

Clinical Studies using Microprocessor Knees with Limited Community Ambulators (K2)

Clinical Studies using Microprocessor Knees with Limited Community Ambulators (K2)  Download (PDF | 101 KB)
Systematic Review: MPKs for K2 Ambulators  Download (PDF | 86.6 KB)
Summary: Kenevo RCT  Download (PDF | 84.0 KB)
Summary: FASTK2  Download (PDF | 85.3 KB)

Bilateral Prostheses

Bilateral Studies Bibliography: View a complete list of clinical studies for Bilateral Prostheses  Download (PDF | 55.6 KB)

Prosthetic Hips

Prosthetic Hip Clinical Studies and Articles  Download (PDF | 68.2 KB)

Harmony Vacuum System

The Benefits of Vacuum Compared to Other Suspension Materials: View a summary of studies comparing vacuum suspension to pin and suction suspension.  Download (PDF | 120.3 KB)
The Harmony®: Early Fitting of Transtibial Amputees with Unhealed Residual Limb Wounds: View a summary of studies on patients with unhealed ulcers/wounds who were fitted with Harmony.  Download (PDF | 195.6 KB)
Harmony Vacuum System Clinical Studies Bibliography: View a complete list of clinical studies for the Harmony Vacuum System  Download (PDF | 95.0 KB)

Microprocessor Foot Clinical Studies

Microprocessor Foot Clinical Studies  Download (PDF | 61.0 KB)

Advanced Orthotics Clinical Studies

C-Brace Evidence

  1. Schmalz T, Pröbsting E, Auberger R, Siewert G. A functional comparison of conventional knee-ankle-foot orthoses and a microprocessor-controlled leg orthosis system based on biomechanical parameters. Prosthet Orthot Int published online 23 September 2014, DOI: 10.1177/0309364614546524.
  2. Pröbsting E, Kannenberg A, Zacharias B. Safety and walking ability of KAFO users with the C-Brace® Orthotronic Mobility System, a new microprocessor stance and swing control orthosis. Prosthet Orthot Int 2017; Feb;41(1):65-77. PMID: 27151648.
  Download (PDF | 100.2 KB)
KAFO vs. C-Brace Evidence   Download (PDF | 95.6 KB)