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About Ottobock

With more than 650 people employed in the U.S. and Canada and over 7,300 globally, Ottobock brings depth and breadth of expertise to help devise mobility solutions of all types. From products like the computer-controlled C-Leg prosthetic knee and Michelangelo prosthetic hand, to the innovative C-Brace and spinal bracing, to the robust Kimba pediatric mobility system and a family of trusted wheelchair cushions, Ottobock delivers improved outcomes with a wider range of products than any other manufacturer. 

Beyond our product lines, we are a trusted business partner, taking a leading manufacturing role in investing in R&D, testing and research. We dedicate time and money to ensuring that entities understand the importance of living more independently. Whether it is providing comprehensive billing solutions or delivering support for complex patient fittings, we strive to improve outcomes and advance the standard of care for thousands of people around the world.

Our product and service lines include:

  • Prosthetics – we are the largest provider of upper and lower limb prosthetics in the world
  • Orthotics – from advanced electronic devices to highly effective spinal bracing, we offer options for treatment, improved mobility, prevention of injury, and rehabilitation
  • Pediatric mobility solutions – with a focus on the appropriate positioning 24/7, our products help children engage in life at school, at play, and at home
  • Seating and positioning – products designed to help position those who rely on a wheelchair or special cushions to maintain appropriate posture

Our products are grounded in real-world data. We have conducted more studies on prosthetic producs than any other company. Studies that demonstrate Studies that demonstrate the value products deliver, something critically important in today’s healthcare environment. We cycle the findings from our clinical studies and real world feedback into the development of our products and protocols for continuous improvement. 

Our Services

Doing business today with regulation and technology can be complex. We offer a suite of services to help you manage your practice or to navigate the complexities of healthcare as a consumer. 

Our patient care and business services include:
  • Reimbursement Support and Consulting Services - As we develop our products, we meet with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to secure appropriate reimbursement levels and determine proper documentation.  To help you navigate the complex and restrictive reimbursement climate, we offer free reimbursement support as well as specialized consulting services.
  • Cooperative Care - Through this program, we partner with you to solve complex and difficult prosthetic or orthotic challenges. We meet with you and your patient to provide hands-on consultation regarding such challenges as a uniquely shaped residual limb, the presence of multiple co-morbidities, etc. In addition to helping you and your patient, this interaction provides us with continued patient and provider feedback to inform our future product development efforts and recommendations for care protocols. Our product experts are also available to offer support remotely through interactive technologies such as FaceTime.
  • Education - Our Professional and Clinical Services group has the largest and most experienced staff in the industry. Their role is to provide information, accessibility, and support to clinicians and patients alike. They create online training, classroom training, written resources for technical support, webinars, and other opportunities for education. Product education is always a key part of our rollout of new products.

Our People

We hire people who make every effort to see the world through the eyes of the people who use our products everyday – with respect, courage, and commitment.

Our employees believe in our mission and are focused on making a difference for people who depend on one of our medical products to be more active.

These are people like Mark, a clinical expert who is personally involved in ensuring that our products stand behind our brand promise…  or Sharon, our Customer Satisfaction Manager who is one of our main ‘touch points’ for the people we serve.